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How do I get involved?

We are grateful for all of the interest from students interested in Rambler Consulting Group. With the nature of our business, we have divided involvement into two buckets: General Body Member and Associate. GB Members are free to join RCG at any time and will have access to our career-building resources. Rambler Consulting Group takes into account the Associate applicants who have participated in the General Body Meetings. Because consulting is a broad and diverse field, we encourage students from ALL majors and years across Loyola to become members. Email us at if you have any questions.


Our Roles

Applications for Partners are currently closed.


*This role requires previous associate status

The president leads and supports the partners in the development of RCG. They serve as a bridge between all members and the advisory board.

  • Implement long-term strategy and planning to promote growth and excellence

  • Delegate, support, and oversee partner activity

  • Host partner and advisor meetings

Business Development

RCG's Head of Business Development is responsible for maintaining and expanding RCG's presence in the Chicago business community.

  • Coordinating guest speakers and panel events

  • Sourcing projects for RCG

  • Relationship building with Loyola faculty/staff/alumni, Chicago consultants, and businesses


The Research Partner helps associates write insight articles and business trend reviews for publication on the RCG website.

  • Assist associates with topic selection and provide themes for each research month

  • Hold 3 meetings with each research associate

  • Work with faculty advisor to ensure articles meet quality standards


The Operations Partner oversees the hiring process for associates, manages the onboarding process, and facilitates their integration into ongoing casework.

  • Leads the associate interview and hiring process 

  • Organizes bi-weekly associate meetings

  • Acts as a liaison between partners and associates, providing guidance and support for casework


The Finance Partner is responsible for generating and managing the finances of RCG. This includes creating semester-long budgets and managing the finances between clients and RCG.

  • Sitting in on client meetings

  • Frequently meeting with our club advisors

  • Planning external fundraisers


The Associates engage in client cases, demonstrating proficiency in core business and consulting concepts. This role also involves undertaking research initiatives and contributing to published articles.

  • Contribute to assigned client cases

  • Execute case work assigned by clients or project managers

  • Engage in RCG research which includes producing a 500-1000 word article


The Curriculum Partner is responsible for planning and executing general body meetings. This includes conducting presentations, leading the meetings, and answering questions. 

  • Building the curriculum including making slides and activities 

  • Finding new cases and ideas to facilitate learning

  • Assisting members through cases and application/interview questions


The marketing partner is in charge of all RCG-related marketing efforts including creating promotional items and social media management. 

  • Graphic design (flyers, social posts, website graphics)

  • Content and copy creation

  •  Routine website management



*Partners are able to work on cases if they choose


We encourage everyone to follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date with our latest projects and events!

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