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About Us

We are the Rambler Consulting Group (RCG), Loyola University Chicago's student-run managerial consulting group. Our primary objective is to offer an educational experience to Loyola students who are considering a career in consulting. We are eager to take advantage of any opportunity thrown in our direction but are currently best prepared to help small to mid-sized companies in the Chicago area with projects including, but not limited to, growth and operations.



Case Preparation

Anyone can join! RCG case preparation includes a weekly case preparation class that will help members dip their toes into consulting culture. The case preparation side will help you learn what consulting is all about and guide you through the application process for internships and full-time positions. RCG's case preparation activities will include weekly instruction by partners/associates, weekly cases, professional panels, and a final live interview!


Consulting – Associate/Partner track

To join the consulting side of RCG you must apply and go through an interview process. You will get the opportunity to help the Rogers Park Edgewater community and corporations of Chicago by stepping in where large and boutique firms cannot deliver in terms of pricing and student/faculty collaboration. Associates and partners will be given paid work as we receive it. This is not a steady income stream.

RCG's 5 Pillars


Educate students on the field of consulting and career opportunities.


Connect students with firms in the Chicago area via non-sponsored events.


Provide support to students in securing an internship or post-graduate work in consulting and giving guidance on the interview process.


Help students develop skills in consulting through real-life engagements.


Give guidance to businesses and Loyola University by using the skills developed.  


Organizational Structure







The Rambler Consulting Group admits new members through an application process on a rolling basis. Because the quality of RCG's projects will rely heavily on expertise developed in the classroom, a newly admitted associate's status will primarily be determined by academic year. For example, a junior applying for admission will be placed as a Senior Associate despite no prior experience because they will have been introduced to advanced concepts in their coursework. Freshmen will always be placed as a Junior Associate. Promotions are based on merit and academic progression. Senior Associates are promoted to Partner at the board's discretion. The President is elected by the Partners and approved by the advisory boards.

The Rambler Consulting Group has two advising authorities. One consists of Loyola faculty from departments across multiple schools, while the other is the Loyola Business Leadership Hub. Both serve to advise associates on projects, attract clientele, and offer constructive criticism at quarterly meetings. Each advisory board member makes a one year commitment, but has the option to continue their affiliation each year.

The Rambler Consulting Group operates completely under the Loyola Business Leadership Hub and all finances and contracts are managed through them. The Hub also actively oversees each project.

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