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Will AI be an Enabler for Employees or a Stressor that Threatens their Performance? 

15 / May / 2023

The current article began with the question of what changes artificial intelligence (AI) will bring to the human workforce in the future. It has been reported that there are mixed feelings about AI among employees and businesses—whether it would limit or hinder employees’ performance or improve their mental health. In this article, I introduce how other scholars have diagnosed employees’ views on AI and what predictions have been made about AI’s future and its impact on employees. 


How Does ESG Create Value for Companies?

7 / April / 2023

The purpose of this research was to further understand the different ways that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) create value for companies. My research led me to understand more about the employee and consumer habits of companies that implement ESG practices. In the following paper, I explore studies that try to understand how ESG impacts where people work, how productive they are at work, and where consumers shop.

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